Cbd crystals 99 phytoplus 550x550h

CBD Isolate | CBD Crystals 99%

CBD Isolate is the cleanest and purest form of CBD available. CBD isolate or CBD crystal is the way to take CBD in its purest form. This almost-white powdery CBD extract is a very high concentration of 99% CBD. This versatile powder formula makes it easy to determine and adjust your dose. CBD isolate is best known for its versatility and high CBD content. Another beneficial asset is that these pure CBD crystals are completely tasteless. This makes CBD isolate from Phyto Plus easy to process in, for example, edible products or drinks. If you are already familiar with CBD and like to be creative, CBD Isolate 99% is the ideal choice for you. Think of CBD tincture, CBD cake, or even CBD shampoo. You can make CBD Oil Drops yourself with a pure carrier oil of your choice.
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