CBD Hemp Oil Extract

Phyto Plus CBD Extract is the most powerful source of CBD+CBDa. Also known as CBD paste, this is the purest form of CBD hemp oil available. It is the first pressing from the hemp plant and therefore contains all cannabinoids including CBDv, CBG, CBGa, CBC, CBN, essential fatty acids, but also very important plant waxes and terpenes. We call this “full-spectrum” CBD hemp oil. CBD hemp paste is thicker than CBD oil drops and comes in a handy dosing syringe. CBD hemp oil extract is much-loved by our customers as they know they are getting the full spectrum that the beneficial hemp plant has to offer. Discover our range of CBD hemp oil extracts.

CBD Hemp Oil Drops

Support your daily well-being with our CBD hemp oil drops. Hemp oil is known for its positive influence on your body's cannabinoid system. Very useful for a healthy and balanced life. But CBD hemp oil is also packed with essential fatty acids, which is an extremely important source for our brain functions, among other things. Our team of cannabinoid experts created a range of CBD formulations for everyone's needs. Phyto Plus hemp oil drops are available in mild, medium, and strong. Due to strict quality control, you are guaranteed to receive superior quality hemp oil drops.

CBD Hemp Oil Capsules

Are you looking for hemp-flavored CBD with an accurate dose that you can take discreetly? Phyto Plus CBD capsules offer you the solution! CBD hemp oil capsules are the easiest way to take in CBD. Due to the strict quality control of our 100% natural CBD extracts, Phyto Plus CBD capsules are a very good addition to a healthy and balanced life. In addition to CBD + CBDa and other cannabinoids, each capsule is rich in essential omega fatty acids, vitamin E, and terpenes. Dosing is simple and easy. Even for beginners. CBD hemp oil capsules are also very useful when you travel. Our team of cannabinoid experts created a medium and strong formula to meet everyone's specific CBD needs. We already make capsules odorless and tasteless. Suitable for vegans. Discover our range of CBD hemp oil capsules.

CBD Skincare

Introduce your skin to the intensively nourishing CBD skincare line from Phyto Plus. Discover our CBD balms enriched with the best hemp extract and pure botanical ingredients such as coconut oil, jojoba, and citrus Grandis. Our rich CBD skincare formulas are made to support healthy skin. It has a soothing, calming, and moisturizing effect on dry or irritated skin. Our CBD skincare line is free from harmful chemicals. 100% natural ingredients only. This makes these wonderfully scented CBD balms from Phyto Plus suitable for the whole family. Animal Friendly! Discover our CBD skincare.
Repair balm stick 2 550x550h
CBD Repair Balm Stick 6ml
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Cbd skin repair salve 900mg 550x550h
CBD Skin Repair Salve 30ml
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CBD Isolate | CBD Crystals 99%

Discover the purest quality CBD crystals from Phyto Plus. This powder extract (also known as CBD isolate) consists of the highest attainable concentration of 99.9% CBD. CBD crystals are ideal if you would like to vape CBD or make CBD-containing edibles to promote balance and tranquility in your daily wellness routine. The versatile powdered CBD formula makes it easy to adjust your dose. We use supercritical Co2 clean air technology to produce CBD isolate. In this way, we, at Phyto Plus, can guarantee you the purest quality CBD crystal. You can rest assured that our CBD crystals are chemical-free and have been tested under strict quality control in our GMP-certified laboratories.

CBD for Pets

Does your pet suffer from stress, anxiety, or physical discomfort? Disrupted routines, change of scenery, or normal old age can make your pet less vital and active. Help improve the well-being of your beloved pet with CBD hemp oil drops from Phyto Plus. Our CBD Hemp Oil Drops for Pets meet strict quality standards and have been third-party tested for purity, safety, and consistency. In this way, we can guarantee you premium quality CBD Pet Oil. Because you only want the best for your beloved pet. Suitable for dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, and other rodents.
Cbd pet drops phytoplus 550x550h
CBD oil pet drops | 10ml
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