Cbd drops 1500mg phytoplus 550x550h

CBD kannabisöljytipat 15% | 10ml

The strongest formula of Raw CBD Hemp Oil. 1500mg pure CBD+CBDa in a dropper bottle. Adding this highly concentrated CBD formula to your daily wellness routine contributes to strengthening your immune system and regulating imbalances in your body. To preserve all the essential and active ingredients, our CBD specialists make this CBD Hemp Oil 1500mg in a delicate way. We produce with the cleanest and safest methods. CBD Hemp Oil 1500mg is a cold-pressed and unprocessed high-quality hemp oil. It consists of the complete spectrum of the main cannabinoids such as CBD + CBDa, CBDv, CBG, CBGa, CBC, and CBN. Because this CBD hemp oil contains vitamin E, essential fatty acids Omega-3 + -6 (the perfect ratio), and essential minerals, it is an ideal addition to your daily health routine.
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